The Owner’s Story:


The owner, Eric Overbey is a man that has a very diverse experience in creating value for his clients.  The experience has taken him all over the world and has offered him a chance to serve some of the greatest companies on the planet. This didn’t happen overnight, but rather over 30 years in manufacturing, distribution, and customer value creation. He would welcome you to challenge Nation Tank and Trailer to find a solution to a problem you have. It is who he is, a problem solver, and the purpose of his company. Solving your problems and accomplishing your goals.

As a young man, Eric Overbey was working at large production machine shop Chicagoland area of Illinois. Primarily serving Caterpillar, John Deere, and Case Corp, he learned a lot from these world class organizations in Quality Assurance, Purchasing, Customer Service, Engineering, and Management. There he had worked on a team that delivered to the company the John Deere’s supplier of the year award on two occasions and sat on several supplier boards to these organizations while he was in his 20’s.

In 1999, after giving 10 weeks’ notice to the company that he would be purchasing a company out of state, Eric Overbey moved his wife and 3 small children to Elkhart, Indiana to buy a small manufacturing business. The company was named Axis Products, Inc. At his arrival, the company was selling roughly 3 million dollars a year and was a regional supplier to 25 clients. His dedication to his customers and his staff multiplied this business 18 times over. In 2011, Axis was selling into 15 different markets, had achieved the highest certifications in quality and service, had well over 3,000 customers all across North America and made a solid company out of providing “World Class” products and services to companies that needed to do a JOB, all while he was in his 30’s.

In September 2011, he merged his company with the Largest Axle Company in the World and he became a minority shareholder and the CEO responsible for 4,500 customers, 800 employees, 50,000 different parts to sell, and nine production and distribution plants. While in his early 40’s and against his wishes, the majority owners of the company sold the business to a private equity firm in 2014 and since then, he has been a consultant to some of the most dynamic companies in America and an investor into great companies that sell into underserved markets. He loves manufacturing, taking care of customers and focusing on people and companies trying to do a JOB.

Less than one year later, and still in his early 40’s Overbey bought Midwest Industrial Tanks – a company manufacturing UL listed tanks and storage systems along with accessories to make everything work.    MIT had the certifications, credibility, a solid engineering staff, and a product line that was thoughtfully designed to eliminate common failure modes experienced by the industries they served. The tanks and fuel trailers have been the best on the market, and nobody knew it. They needed to get the word out.

Exhaustive research revealed that industries served by MIT were not getting the attention they needed. They did not have a national supplier of “World Class” UL Certified tanks and DOT certified trailers to serve them. There were many regional fabricators which also built similar products – but none that served the nation with a hyper focus on the customer and on these products.

In 2016 Mr. Overbey purchased JRC Custom Trailers.  A 12-year custom trailer builder with a great reputation for quality and service to customers. This company added the necessary horse power to not only provide the best tanks but now everything that made them portable.  With this acquisition, NATION can provide professional custom manufacturing to all types of OEMs that need a tank, a chassis, a pumping system and or a delivery system.

This is exactly the type of problem Mr. Overbey was looking to solve for today’s factories and users.  Along with the custom trailers of all types up to 26,000 lb. capacities, NATION now provides a deep equipment trailer product line that is perfect for any owner that needs to do a job.

NATION Tank and Trailer brings together these two great companies and is completely dedicated to the success of our clients by offering a deep offering of thoughtful innovative products, and expert customer service.  “We WORK for YOU” means that we understand who we are working for and that all our actions need to benefit. Period.

We look forward to the journey of satisfying your requirements, and achieving your goals. At NATION, “We WORK for YOU!”

Our Story We work for you
Our Story We work for you